Movies Watched This Week: Blood Simple + Two Really Bad Movies

blood simple scene

This week, while doing my 30 day challenge of listening to one hip hop album per day, by taking advantage of full album uploads on Youtube, I also checked out a few movies available on Youtube.

In doing so, I ended up watching a couple movies on my IMDB watchlist and one that looked interesting enough. Two of them turned out to be pretty bad and one was really worth watching.

The Guyver (1991)

Guyver is based on a manga comic and it may well have a cult following but the movie was stupid. The premise of the movie was very interesting which is why I ended up checking it out in the first place.

The concept of humans being created by aliens and put on earth is original to me and then having the armor stuff that can transform humans and the alien race were exceptional.

It looked to be a good movie but the performances and even the costumes were very gimmicky and the attempt at humor didn’t go down very well with me. Maybe it worked in 1991 but it just doesn’t age very well. I watched Blood Simple, the third movie on this list, and that was from 1984 and it looks much fresher, as if it could have been made any time after the new millenium.

I watched maybe 10 minutes of the sequel and that looked like a more superior movie. However, I’m not going to waste another 90 minutes watching the sequel because the original was so bad, it just spoiled the whole Guyver concept.

Monster in the Closet (1986)

This movie found it’s way onto my watchlist when Paul Walker died. I checked out his filmography and noted that this was his first appearance and figured I’d watch it. The film was on Youtube and it looked like fun from the opening sequence.

The movie is one big allegory for homosexuality – I’m not sure whether they’re trying to bash it or praise it but it looks like it might be anti. Why else would they say “burn all closets”? That and the fact that the closeted creature is a hideous monster who instead of grabbing the woman King Kong style and climbing the building, it grabs the man.

Monster in the Closet spoofs a number of movies including the aforementioned King Kong. I spotted Psycho and then there’s Alien (the monster has an inner monster that shows its head through the monster’s mouth).

Young Paul Walker

Paul Walker was a bit unrecognizable as a child actor but his performance was ok.

The movie though is a bit of a B movie type film, low quality writing, low quality effects and other annoyances. At the end of it, I almost regretted that I even took the time to watch it.

The movie was uploaded by it’s distributors, Troma, onto YouTube, making it a legitimate upload so if you want to check it out, here it is.

Blood Simple.

I was checking out the question on social question site, Quora about who the best screenwriters in Hollywood might be and someone said Ethan and Joel Coen.

The movies they’ve wrote and produce all seem to be of very good quality story-wise. I’ve seen a number of these and I must agree that they’re very good.

This lead me to put a number of their movies on my watch list including their very first movie – Blood Simple.

I really enjoyed watching this movie and as I’ve mentioned before, this movie stands the test of time as it looks as it could have been made in the 90’s or even the new millennium. You just can’t tell.

The atmosphere reminded me of “No Country for Old Men”, another Coen brothers movie that I enjoyed. Good writing allows you to see what the characters are thinking without them telling you and the sequence where the boyfriend goes back to the bar and discovers the murder will have you thinking about nothing but this movie.

It’s a great watch and I recommend it. You can catch it on YouTube (until it gets removed) or you can get a subscription to Amazon Prime where you can watch this and all the other Coen brothers movies.

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