Track of the Day: Black Mamba – Fabolous

This isn’t a new track. Fabolous’ tribute to Kobe Bryant came out back in 2016.

But I’ve never heard it before. So it’s a new song to me. It’s more fitting now that we lost him on Sunday.

In the song titled “Black Mamba”, Fab says “Kobe gone but his legacy gone play forever”.

Of course, he’s referring to Kobe’s retirement after playing his final season in 2016 but it hit different now he’s actually gone.

RIP Kobe.

I’d love to hear some more recent Kobe Bryant tribute songs. I know I saw one by Lil Wayne in my feed (not sure how new it is) and another from an artist I haven’t heard about.

I have this saying that if I’ve never seen a movie or never heard an album/song, then it’s new to me. When I started this 30 day challenge to listen to one new song every day for 30 days, I really meant songs that were new to me but I ended up just listening to new releases mostly.

Evidence that I really meant songs that were new to me can be found in the songs that dropped late last year but I hadn’t heard. I just had to include this almost 4 year old song though.

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