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I love Netflix. I’ve been streaming movies since I took up the free trial offer about 6 months ago and I’m hooked.

I’ve had cable for a long time and I almost never watch it. It’s mainly for the other people in the house.

Before Netflix, I rarely watched movies and the few that I would watch, I created a weekly post to review them. Now I can hardly keep up with the movies that I watch since I watch a movie or two every night.

Not too long ago I wrote a review of Netflix and I included in the review some things I didn’t like. This was before I realized that I was using Netflix Latin America as a result of me signing up from the Caribbean. I had no idea that the Netflix content in the USA and other regions were different.

One night I got a bit fed up of searching for something good to watch (although I had about 50 movies in my watchlist) and I decided to do some research. A couple of webpages later, I was exploring the content on Netflix USA thanks to an awesome service with a 7 day free trial called Blockless.

Using Blockless

Because I live in the Caribbean, visiting certain sites would result in the content being blocked with a message like “sorry, we’re not available in your region”. Site’s like Hulu, Vevo, Spotify and others are useless.

With Blockless, you’re using a VPN service that gives you a new IP address that lets you access content on these sites. It appears as if you’re now in the United States so the content is accessible.

DNS Region Switcher

I’ve never bothered with these types of services in the past because I didn’t really understand them and they seemed so complicated. I also didn’t want to have to fork out money to a VPN service just to try it out.

Blockless seemed to understand these concerns and made their service straightforward and easy to understand as well as offer a 7 day free trial. I took the free trial, followed the instructions to configure the IP on my laptop where I was streaming Netflix and voila. I enjoyed the service for 7 days and immediately paid about $25 (I think) for 6 months access. Otherwise, it was back to the old Netflix.

With the service, I could change the region to see what was available in my former region and back to the US or any of the 17 regions available. Since Netflix isn’t available worldwide, it meant that I only needed a few of these regions.

Netflix Canada Is the Best!

At first I thought I could only access Netflix USA and since they had much better content than my original region, I didn’t think too much about it.

Not until one Saturday when I got tired of scrolling through looking for something that I wanted to watch. That’s when I decided to switch back to my old region to see what was in my watchlist. Then I got the idea to try another region like Canada, half expecting to see the same content as the US version.

Once I accessed Netflix Canada, my jaw dropped. The movies available for streaming were the ones I wanted to see. While Netflix USA had some of the movies that were on my IMDB watchlist, Netflix Canada had a larger percentage plus lots of newer movies. I watched “A Good Day to Die Hard” and found some that I wanted to see.

Ultimate Netflix Experience

I find that this is the best way to get the ultimate Netflix viewing experience. If you’ve ever got tired of scrolling through trying to decide what to watch then it might be worth it to be able to switch to just any Netflix region you want to watch.

Here are some benefits:

  • Be able to access  more movies and content from any region
  • Access movies not available or discontinued in your region
  • Better chance of finding the movie that you want to see
  • No forced subtitles (especially for Netflix Latin America users – one of the problems I pointed out in my review)

The other night I got curious about Netflix UK and switched over there. I still liked Netflix Canada better but loved that they had the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie which I couldn’t find anywhere else. That’s the only one I hadn’t watched.

They also had Daybreakers, an Australian vampire movie that I wanted to see. They also had the new Robocop which was released in theatres in February this year.

robocop on Netflix

That to me was kinda surprising. I’m now back to using Netflix Canada but I’ll definitely check out some movies from Netflix UK that I want to see.

It’s good to not be limited to one Netflix region but be able to watch any content across the Netflix library regardless of your location. If you want to have the ability to do that then you can try Blockless for 7 days free. You don’t even need a credit card to get started.

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