I’m Glad The Critics Hate Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

batman vs superman

The much anticipated Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice came out this weekend.

I didn’t see it but I’m writing this based on the reactions I saw from bloggers while going through my Flipboard.

From the first time I heard about Batman vs Superman, I thought it was a stupid concept. How can they pit two superheroes against each other? And wouldn’t Superman win anyway?

Does this mean that Batman “lived long enough to become the villain”?

There are so much questions I asked myself when I heard the concept. I was just not interested in them even making this movie.

Well the movie was made and released and fans spent $180 million on opening weekend to see it. I didn’t even see the trailer for this.

I really don’t care.

I don’t usually listen to the critics when it comes to movies but I’m glad that they beat down this movie. It was a disaster of a concept anyway and it would have taken some serious level of genius to pull this off right.

Reading the article Every single thing that is wrong with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice from The Guardian made me hate it even more.

Will I see this movie in the future and somehow have a serious guilty pleasure moment? Maybe I’ll like it after all? I hope not. I don’t plan to.

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