Meet the Models from Migos’ Bad and Boujee

BadBoujee models

While Migos is tearing up the charts with their Bad and Boujee single, viewers of the video which currently has over 130 million views on YouTube are asking one question.

Who are those models from the video?

I’ve wondered this myself so I decided to find them. Took me about 3 minutes but I found them thanks to a curious reditt user for asking the question and a resourceful reditt user for answering.

Meet the models from Migos’ Bad and Boujee video. I’ve included their Instagram’s so that you can go follow them.

Rubi Rose

This ATL model is also a DJ who goes by DJ Rubiana. She’s the one in the fur coat in the video, eating Ramens from a cup. She’s the one in the middle in the featured picture above.

Clarke Lauren

This dark-skinned cuteness is also from ATL and recently appeared in Sammie’s I’m Him video.

She’s the one on the left in the featured pic above. Her IG is a thirst trap.

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Crazy! 93M views!! Bad & Boujee?

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Vivian Kyong

She’s also from Atlanta and goes by VK online or @vkvibes.

She’s the one in the Moschino at the end in the featured pic at the top of the page. She’s also in the restaurant in the video.

You can click on the photos to go to Instagram and follow the models or just click the follow button on the pics.

Hopefully I made someone’s day. If I did, consider sharing this post on Facebook or Twitter or commenting below. Maybe, I’ll just start finding models who appear in videos and posting them as a regular series.

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  • Sarah F Waddington says:

    Thanks it took me three different searches to find yours. ..

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