A Perfect Getaway Was Less than Perfect

I was looking for some new stuff the other night to watch on Netflix and decided to add a movie from 2009 called “A Perfect Getaway”.

It’s a movie I skipped over a lot of times while browsing titles but somehow I got curious and added it to my watchlist. Looks interesting, I thought.

It’s about a couple who goes to Hawaii for their honeymoon and learns that there was a murder on the island and the police were looking for two people – a couple as well.

I watched it tonight and wished I had skipped it over again.

The funny thing about this movie is that I was really enjoying it up to the point where they introduced the twist. There was so much suspense before that twist. The couple had met other couples hiking and you couldn’t help wondering which couple might have committed the crime.

After the twist, everything that came before was confusing and everything that came after turned the movie into a crappy one.

I didn’t enjoy “A Perfect Getaway” and I wouldn’t recommend anyone bother with this either.

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