Finished 30 Hip Hop Albums in 30 Days

Perfection - FoesumI just finished listening to 30 hip hop albums in 30 days on Sunday as planned.

During the period starting on April 22nd, I listened to one album per day from the list I made. Here’s a look at my experience.

  • I planned to listen to UGK’s Ridin’ Dirty but it wasn’t available so this is the only album I didn’t get to listen to.
  • I listened to other albums not on the list so it’s actually more than 30 albums
  • Many of the albums were West Coast albums so I presume the source where I got more of the recommendations was probably from the West Coast. I would have loved to listen to a bit more New York boom bap from that era but I still enjoyed all the G-Funk and Gangsta rap from Cali’ 1996.
  • My favorite album to listen to from the list was Foesum’s Perfection. It’s definitely one of the finest G-Funk albums I’ve heard.
  • Other surprising favorites – E-40’s The Hall of Game and Young Lay’s Black N’ Dangerous which both contain tracks with 2Pac that I hadn’t heard.
  • I couldn’t really get into Too Short’s Gettin’ It.

New List

Since I finished that 30 day challenge, I would like to continue by making another 30 albums that I want to listen to. Here’s the new list and this time I mixed it up into some random categories.

Loud Records Releases

  1. Tha Alkaholiks – 21 and Over
  2. Tha Alkaholiks – Coast II Coast
  3. Wu Tang Clan – Iron Flag
  4. XZibit – Man vs. Machine
  5. Xzibit – Restless
  6. Twista – Runnin’ Off at the Mouth
  7. Krayzie Bone – Thug On Da Line
  8. Gangsta Boo – Both Worlds *69
  9. Big Pun – Yeeah Baby
  10. The X-Ecutioners – Built From Scratch
  11. Big Pun – Endangered Species
  12. Common – Can I Borrow A Dollar?
  13. Common – Resurrection

Albums That Feature Production by Havoc (of Mobb Deep)

  1. Mobb Deep – Juvenile Hell
  2. Mobb Deep – Amerikaz Nightmare
  3. Mobb Deep – Black Cocaine
  4. Mobb Deep – The Safe Is Cracked
  5. Havoc – 13
  6. 50 Cent – Curtis
  7. 50 Cent – Before I Self Destruct
  8. Get Rich or Die Trying Soundtrack
  9. RA The Rugged Man – Legendary Classics Vol 1.
  10. Eminem – Recovery
  11. Raekwon – Shaolin vs Wu-Tang
  12. Method Man – 4:21… The Day After
  13. Da Youngstas – I’ll Make U Famous
  14. LA the Darkman – Heist of the Century
  15. Termanology – Politics as Usual
  16. Slam OST
  17. Jadakiss – Kiss of Death

I chose these two categories because I’ve listened to a lot of albums from Loud Records and Havoc is one of my favorite producers.

I’ll start listening from tomorrow April 24th until May 23rd.

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