The Very Best of 2015: A Roundup


2015 is over and it’s time for those end-of-year lists again.

As usual, I scour the web reading the lists that I’m interested in and I do one big roundup of only the top items giving you only the very best of the year 2015.

I started this in 2012, didn’t have time to do 2013 but did one last year. I want to continue doing these roundups for as long as this blog is around.

So here we go with the lists of what’s considered the very best of 2015.

Best Hip Hop Album of 2015

My Picks: 90059 – Jay Rock, B.4.da.$$ – Joey Badass

It’s a no contest. Kendrick Lamar had the best album this year. I listened to it a bit when it came out but I have to say I enjoyed his debut GKMC more.

I also enjoyed label mate Jay Rock’s album 90059 more and that’s probably my favorite album this year along with Joey Badass’ debut.

Best Album of 2015

Best Hip Hop Song of 2015

Best Song of 2015

Best Music Video of 2015

Best Movie of 2014

2015 was a great year in entertainment. I listened a lot more music than I did in previous years and watched more movies and tv too.

Looking at these lists makes me realize that there is still a whole lot more quality music and movies to check out.

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3 comments on “The Very Best of 2015: A Roundup

  • Lisa says:

    I think What Do You Mean? from Justin Bieber is the greatest song of 2015, at least that’s my opinion 🙂

    • Jay Gumbs says:

      Sure Lisa. But this post is not about my opinion or what I think is the best of 2015. It’s a round up of what popular publications (like Time, Complex and MTV) listed as their #1 from their end of year lists.

    • Jay Gumbs says:

      BTW, What Do You Mean? was listed as Spin Magazine’s #1 song of 2015 as you can see in this roundup under “best song of 2015”.

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